Looking through the past, Youth of the Heavens has been through ALOT. Y.O.T.H was established in 2007 by: Sayed Morteza Al-Hoseine and Sayed Mustafa Mohamed, To start of with, were inspired by the older youth workers CYC (http://www.cyconline.co.uk/) we moved onto produce our own website at the age of 11 (http://cycj.piczo.com/) later on progressing to be Youth of the Heavens (http://www.YOTHonline.co.uk/)

After years of making use of the CYC room for majalis, we moved into the YOTH marquee in 2009, both these venues were blessed with constant programmes for almost every event, including weekly youth lessons and daily quran lessons during Ramadhan.

Unfortunately due to certain circumstances the marquee was removed which on the other hand has enabled the youth to hold the majalis in the main hall, this allowed them to take advantage so events are taken to a much larger scale.

To keep up to date with events, visit us at: www.facebook.com/YOTHonline