The community of members that make up the Rasool Atham (s) began congregating for major religious occasions in the late 1990’s. Today we have grown into a Shia Muslim community whose organization is a source of inspiration to other Muslim communities continent-wide.

The community is comprised primarily, but not exclusively, of Middle Eastern Arabs and a smaller ratio of Iranians with a deep and rich history of worship, congregation and community service.

Indeed, serving and managing the affairs of a Community of this size requires dedication, organization and a collective desire to “be your neighbour’s keeper.” As a result of this spirit, Rasool Atham (s) came to birth to cater for this need.

In 1997, the Hussainia Rasool Atham (s) was built to be ranked one of the biggest centers in its peak seasons. It remains the primary centre of worship for the memeber through out the year.

Today, the Community successfully carries out its own youth programs, library, seniors’ activities and various other functions that are part-in-parcel with the operation of an efficient organization.

The heyaa committee of the Rasool Atham would be remiss if it did not recognize the tireless efforts of the volunteers that serve the Community on a continual basis.


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